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resilience reboot testimonial kiamesha

"Such a beautiful, well-designed and easy to navigate experience.

Lola has taken all of the learning I've been struggling to piece together and assembled it—with even more wisdom—in a package of Empath Stress Disorder (ESD) that makes sense, makes my life make sense, and gives me hope for the future."

~ Alexis Bierman
resilience reboot testimonial kiamesha

"I had NO IDEA how much I needed this challenge!

I didn’t even know I was an empath until Lola’s Empath Quiz and her insight on what she calls Empath Stress Disorder. Each day I would say “oh my gosh, this is a huge missing piece to my healing puzzle!” I can’t thank her and Tigre enough. I loved the challenge so much that I enrolled into their Empathology program, which has been AMAZING even just a week in."

~ Taylor Anderson
resilience reboot testimonial kiamesha

"Resilience Reboot really helped me get a better look at myself.

I feel so much more powerful. The things Lola said just made so much sense. Lola and Tigre are amazing and so supportive. I would absolutely take another class with them."

~ Tania young
resilience rising testimonials
resilience rising testimonials
resilience reboot testimonial kiamesha

"I have to say, this playshop kinda shocked me!!

It was just the charge I needed to take action to show up for myself. It taught me, that there is a way for me to learn, be seen, & heard!

Getting to share it with my boys was priceless. They saw me waking up to who I’m supposed to be. I learned that they see me, and it was time for me to see me! My heart is pouring with gratitude!"

~ Cari Long

"The playshop came with so much wonderful information.

I’ve known for a long time that I’m an empath, but I’m feeling more and more proud to call myself an empath and HSP out loud. I am truly empowered to be myself. The Empath To Power community is one I’m so grateful to be a part of. Lola and Tigre are just a delight and are so, so helpful. I know they put so much work into this and it shows and is so appreciated!"

~ Katherine Roberts
resilience rising testimonials
resilience rising testimonials
resilience reboot testimonial kiamesha

"I was in a dark place before I found this challenge.

I was trying to recover from a broken engagement, my self-worth was so low. I needed and wanted to be changed but I had no idea where to start. I wanted to be the light in the world but I had none.

I started with the quiz and I was like OK, but still very guarded. I began the challenge and honestly, had to step away. There were so many conflicting emotions. I wasn't giving up.

So, I began chatting in the group and found: I wasn't alone. I found my motivation to keep going. I had to retake the quiz and found my second result was more “me." Then I buckled down, did the work, and was stripped down until it was only me and my decisions. It was truly amazing. I am working on my boundaries and building myself up. I think everyone should try this out, empath or not if they are willing to try."

~ Kiamesha Denise Sims
resilience reboot testimonial kiamesha

"Wow. Talk about life shifting.

Working through the material and talking with others in the group set me ON FIRE to live my soul's purpose in the world.

Lola and Tigre helped me gain confidence, clarity, and motivation to be my wild, gifted self and allow my offerings to reach their highest potential.

This is just the beginning, but I am now re-centered on a path that, although rocky, is MINE to move along and I am more committed to myself than ever before. Thanks and praise be!"

~ Christopher Lamb
resilience rising testimonials
resilience rising testimonials
resilience reboot testimonial kiamesha

"I've saved my mental and emotional sanity using the tools you gave me!

I can't express how much of a positive impact this challenge has had on me and how I treat my mother, son, daughter, and soul sisters. I thank you Lola from every part of my heart. My family thanks you also."

~ Michelle Newgent
resilience rising testimonials

"I have learned more about my empath self in the last week than I did in a four month empath course I took a few years ago."

~ Leslie R.
resilience rising testimonials
resilience reboot testimonial kiamesha

"This work was exactly what I needed to kick start my transformation.

It was the perfect, bite-sized challenge.

With these insightful questions, this playshop gave me an opportunity to dive into my heart and soul, and start digging up my authentic self.

After years of suffering from Empath Stress Disorder, I had shut down and was living on autopilot in survival mode. But, with Lola's guidance I have started waking back up, and am rediscovering my passion for helping people; as well as learning how to do so from a place of fullness. I am finally feeling hopeful, again, for my future and the things I can accomplish. Plus, the skills I learned in this playshop gave me the confidence to take a leap of faith and enroll in Empathology!

Now I am truly on the road to embracing my authentic self and living in my soul sweet spot. Thank you Lola & Tigre for giving me my life back!"

~ Nicole Huffman

If you're ready to stop pretending that things are OK when you know, deep down, that you're not living your purpose with passion, then click below and join me and your fellow empaths in this life changing playshop.

P.S. It's totally OK if you feel like you're not ready for what my work helps you unlock. I get it, it can be scary to step from the known and into the unknown. And, as someone who has guided hundreds of empaths and sensitive souls through the journey of self awakening, I know you have it in you to do big, bold, and daring things—sometimes all it takes is a safe space, a kind soul, and a community that believes in you. xo, Lola.