Meditations for Healing and Wholeness

Hi! I’m Lola Pickett, and I work with clients to help them shed the traumas and programming they’ve received in their journey. In my practice, I’ve found that guided meditations provide an immense benefit for calming my client’s fight/flight/freeze responses, and allows them to return to center and improve their mental, emotional and physical well being.

Now, you can gain access to these powerful healing tools right now!

Join below and get instant access to my Meditation Lounge. I have over four hours of targeted, soothing guided meditations for you to listen to online, or download them for your favorite hikes or sitting under that special tree that you love.
Your one-time payment gains you lifetime access to this lounge in addition to future content that I’ll be adding! Don’t miss out on this price point as it won’t stay $97 forever.
May these words, songs and vibrations help you unlock the person you know yourself to be.


Meditation Lounge All Access

Gain instant access to my collection of meditation recordings designed to help you heal your body, soul and increase your ability to channel energy for your own healing and that of others.

You'll also gain access to future recordings as I create them which will be placed into the lounge!

All meditations are available for playback in the lounge and you may also download a copy for your local computer or mobile device!

Note: We do not offer refunds for purchases of (or access to) our digital downloads. Thank you.

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