Amplify your inner voice + finally trust your soul.

Having trouble hearing your intuition?

Are you saying, "Yes," to situations, relationships or commitments that don't serve you?

Is logic (or guilt) constantly overriding your instincts?

Do you notice that inner NO, but you decide to do it anyway (and suffer the consequences)?

If any of the above is true, it's time to amplify your intuition.



  • Not relying on other people telling you what your guides are saying
  • Being clear about your direction and confident in your choices
  • Actually believing what your inner voice is telling you
  • Enjoying (but not needing) external validation

Strengthening your intuition can bring you all this (and so much more)...

Want to build your intuitive muscles in playful, magical ways and see practical results?

amplify intuition course lola pickett


Experience an inspiring and inviting online course designed with you in mind. This isn't your average virtual "classroom". This space is sacred and inspiring. Our intuition strengthening lessons use rituals, herb lore, and play practices designed to awaken your intuitive abilities.

Start (re)connecting to your intuition right NOW.

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Amplify Intuition
Bolster your powers of intuition with this fun, accessible and deeply illuminating training. Follow along as I send you rituals, recipes and playwork to unlock your inner knowing, and keep coming back to deepen your intuitive connection with lifetime access.
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I've worked with Lola & Tigre on several ventures, and these guys are whole heartedly superior in all the classes they put out. They've changed my life, and my personal and professional life have been transformed.
Lori E.

Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

Lola & Tigre of - Come play with us and amplify your [ . . . ]!

Intuition didn't always come easy...

Hey, we're Lola + Tigre. Our intuitions weren't always on blast... Lola is a recovering people pleaser... For her, it was once much easier to ignore her inner voice and do things that made other people happy. She narrowly escaped creating a life that was FAR from authentic to her. Tigre used to let his logic (and inner Libra diplomat) run the show... When you can see all sides to something, it's hard to discern what your truth is.

Years of teaching (and ongoing studies in) permaculture, shamanism, clinical herbalism, and energy healing have made our intuitions super-hero strong... So we've got unique approaches to help amplify yours.

I have enjoyed thinking about the life in both living and inanimate objects around me these past two days. It makes each moment and interaction more meaningful. ❤️?

Leslie H.

Amplify Intuition Student

Thank you for teaching me to now only see my shadow self but to love my whole self. This morning I am being renewed by realizing where my shadow grabs for distractions and instead, I am choosing to lean in, listen, withhold judgement, and simply observe.
You all are changing the world by helping us all see a little clearer. Please know how loved you are
Sam B.

Business Development

What began as a sort of weekender approach to spiritual curiosity/awakening has turned into a deep connection and need for daily fortification. I've grown comfortable with identifying as a hedgewitch, and have recently been (via some very visceral meditation "journeys"), felt called towards shamanism...

Thank you for the work you do and the energy you put into this world. It is felt, even by those who hide behind screens. 🙂

Emily S.

I am so beyond grateful for this work and for YOU! Thank you for your gifts. I saw a friend yesterday and mentioned I had been in your class, and how much I felt like I had shifted. She said, "Yeah, I was going to say you seem VERY clear." I know it's because of this work and how it's integrated in my life over this time.

Katie G.

Herbalist + Owner of Wild Grace Apothecary

Ready to awaken and amplify your intuition?

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  • A 22-day sequence of playful practices, herb lore, simple rituals, and recipes - all specifically designed to support your intuition in speaking LOUDER (and help you trust what it's telling you); starting with an opening meditation on day one (today!)
  • Time and space to implement and integrate - new content arrives every other day, allowing space for your daily life.
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  • Forever access - whenever you feel cloudy again, pop back in and pick a practice for an instant intuition tune-up.

In just three weeks, you could have 20/20 inner vision.

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THIS. So unexpected, the power from that [opening meditation] just washed over me and I ended the meditation laughing and laughing. So wonderful, I have my money’s worth already (and it’s only day 1).

Tim V.

Amplify Intuition Student