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Do you struggle with relationships?

Do you want to open your heart (but don't know how)?

Are your friendships dissatisfying (or non-existant)?

Do you wish sex was more vibrant and heart-centered?

If any of the above is true, it's time to amplify intimacy in your life.


  • Empowering friendships that are a joy to cultivate and maintain
  • Aligned, magical intimate relationship(s) with room for evolution
  • Luminous sex that feels like sacred meditation (but can get down and dirty, too)
  • A deep sense of belonging; in your home, your community, and the world at large

Your ability + willingness to create Intimacy is the doorway to all this (and so much more)... You CAN do this!

Want to get braver with your heart in playful, magical ways that will actually create better relationships?


Experience our inspiring and seductive online course designed to boost your courage to connect. This isn't your average virtual class. Our intimacy-building lessons include racy rituals, enticing herbal allies, and poetic play practices designed to awaken your heart (and the rest of you, too).

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Amplify Intimacy
Looking to unleash the passionate side of your life? Want to rekindle intimacy not only for your partner(s), but also for your own beautiful being? This training intimacy is just the ticket to bringing the spark of pleasure back to your life.
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Lola and Tigre are hands down the most phenomenal guides. You can truly feel how devoted they are to their work and the passions they have to make this world a better place. They are living examples of truth, love, strength and harmony. I am SO deeply grateful to work with them as my guides.

A. E.

Lola & Tigre of WildPlayground.com - Come play with us and amplify your [ . . . ]!

We didn't always have great Intimacy ...

Hey, we're Lola + Tigre. We both emerged from "practice" marriages that taught us a LOT about partnership (IF we ever decided to risk that again). But—soon after we met—we were COMPELLED to say yes to each other; risks be d$$$$$$$$ed! In creating our sacred marriage over the last 6+ years, we've discovered how to amplify intimacy and keep the spark not only alive, but blazing.

Our outrageous connection to each other has opened our hearts to the world at large. People always ask how we feed this fire, so we're sharing some of our magic! We want you (no matter who or how many you love) to find deep satisfaction with your human connections. 

Lola and Tigre were born to hold space for transformation; I can't imagine doing the work I did without the support of such a caring group. They don't do the work for you----they remind you that YOU can do it yourself and provide the ultimate space to do so in full knowledge that you are loved.

Kim B.

Course, mentorship, and retreat alumni

I knew when the time was right to work with Lola + Tigre it would potentially rock my world. [When I finally did], I met a group of kindred spirits so wild and quirky and beautiful - “outsiders” like me and I felt I BELONGED. It blasted open my world. They seriously pull together the most amazing individuals!!

This time with Lola and Tigre... The healing and strength I found within myself—because of their witnessing, presence, guidance and shining light in the dark moments—will be with me the rest of my life. What they gifted me with was the realization it’s ALWAYS been with me and always will be be with me. I feel it so completely with every beat of my heart that fills my chest.

T.L. Perry

Breathwork and Bodywork Facilitator

I have been feeling that my marriage could not survive... As my emotions have settled and I've processed this the past few days, and in listening to your podcast... I see that I was only focused on what divides us, and really, on my assumptions of what divides us. I see now that I need to focus on what unifies us. And I see that I chose him (my husband) -- as medicine, and that I have the opportunity to truly try to understand a different perspective than mine...

Julie B.

Mentorship and courses alumni

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Before I met Lola and started working with her, I didn't know what I was feeling or experiencing, let alone how to express it. I did know that I was missing -- and deeply wanted -- a strong connection to myself, but my own efforts kept finding me in the same patterns and places.

Trusting Lola has shown me how to trust myself. I may have found my path forward without Lola, but I wouldn't have the tools, knowledge and language to really enjoy and explore it.


Mentorship and one-on-one work alumni