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Our incredible community LOVES their ? results!

empathology testimonial lisa

"This is exactly what I needed.

I can be more myself. I used to think my only option was to shield myself. I’ve learned that I am not alone or really strange. I’m pretty wonderful. Priceless. Absolutely priceless. I love you two!"

~ Lisa Smith
empathology testimonial christine


Lola and Tigre's ability to hold space, their constant and consistent support, their personalized attention and stories of personal growth and exploration. SERIOUSLY, Lola and Tigre being themselves was the biggest contribution!"

~ Christine Mattappillil
empathology testimonial angela

"I feel so understood! ?

I’m celebrating that I finally have the validation about myself and what I have known deep inside all along but I just haven’t had words for or other people to talk to about it with! It is so affirming and validating."

~ Angela Rose
empathology testimonial kristen elliot

"I loved the combination of neuroscience and magic to make sense of the empath condition.

I also loved Lola and Tigre's personal stories and experience sharing.  The resulting A-HA! moments were monumental."

~ Kristen Elliot
empath course testimonial lola pickett
empath course testimonial lola pickett
empath course testimonial lola pickett
empath course testimonial lola pickett
empath course testimonial lola pickett
empath course testimonial lola pickett
empath course testimonial lola pickett
empath course testimonial lola pickett
empath course testimonial lola pickett
empathology testimonial cari

"I really enjoyed all of it!

I loved: the community, coaching calls; opening & listening to the module’s every week. Sharing the journey with others. Experimenting with everything I was learning. Sooo fun! Integration weeks helped me absorb & rest. No feeling of being “behind." Lifetime access! Thank you!"

~ Cari Long
empathology testimonial mae

"I really love the support and community this course offers more than anything else.

It's so nice to know that I'm never rushed or guilted about my slow and steady pace. Just having others to connect with who share the similar struggles, traumatic backgrounds, and values is really what this space is all about for me.

I really DO love everything y'all bring to the table! It. Is. Too. Legit. To. Quit!!!"

~ Mae Geiger
empathology testimonial edy

"I’m so glad I found your course and you two as teachers!

I really loved the schedule. I found myself looking forward to the course resuming after the integration weeks. The video lessons are my favorite way to receive the lessons, though I appreciated having multiple options. I also love all activities/rituals and the book and product recommendations for each module.

I can’t wait to continue on this journey with Empathology, and keep building my resilience so I can live my life with more authenticity and continue to carve my creative path!"

~ Edy Sayles
empathology testimonial ava

"Everything about Empathology is the best!

The human connection I have experienced with Lola, Tigre, and my fellow HSP empath soul family (virtually) is truly amazing. I don't know what I would do without you all. Truly, you all mean the world to me. Oh wait, and that we have lifetime access to the knowledge, our fabulous mentors, and soul family!?!? What whattt!!! I guess that is what's truly the best."

~ Ava Bambico

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