Release perfection + light your creative fire

Do you have a million ideas that are gathering dust?

Are you waiting to be “good enough" before making something?
Are you afraid to make mistakes?
Do you crave a creative outlet, but don't know where to begin?
Are you sick of not finishing what you start?

If any of the above is true, it's time to amplify creativity in your life.


  • Complete freedom of personal expression
  • Confidence to try new things
  • Feeling playful + alive like never before
  • Being someone who finishes what they start

Creativity is a portal to magic (and so much more)... You CAN do this!

Ready to liberate yourself from the prison of perfectionism?


You don't have to be an artist to make art. Your LIFE can be your art form. This inspiring virtual class will help you find the courage to create. Our visually-rich lessons include inventive rituals, brain-boosting herbal allies, and expressive play practices designed to stimulate your imagination (and unhook you from your inner critic).

Want creative courage NOW?

Start class immediately!

Amplify Creativity
Creative blocks got you down? Dive into my training for artists and creators designed to swab out the creative cobwebs holding back your imagination and creations. We'll explore rituals, herbs and meditations designed to reshape how you look at the world and co-create with it. I can't wait to see what you create after this class!
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Since getting to know you, I've been on a journey to incarnate fully.  To accept being human and loving it.  And ever since... your medicine has kept working with me. I've awakened to the joy of life. I commit to living with the movement of life and all that it whispers to me. To experience the beauty of being human and everything that life on earth brings.

So much has changed with your help and support. And life has been oh so generous in return. Thank you. You inspire me to be truthful, to be honest with myself, to laugh and play, and engage with life. To go for it! I know it will be a dance to stay aligned with truthfulness but everything feels more juicy already. ❤️

Aline V.

Shamanic Naturopath

Lola & Tigre of - Come play with us and amplify your !

We weren't always so Expressed ...

Hey, we're Lola + Tigre. Even though we spend most days with painted faces and are quite obviously un-shy about getting creative, it hasn't always been the case. Just like everyone, we've struggled with periods of self-doubt. We've been haunted by relentless perfectionism and experienced the pain of NOT creating. We still hear inner criticism, but we no longer let it control us.

The rituals, play practices, and creative outlets we share in this class have helped us a LOT. May this immersion bring the freedom of being (and making) that you crave!

I have taken ALOT of courses, and this one is the best I have ever taken. I love the practical magic of it all. It's definitely helped bring forth visions and inspiration and given me the tools to actually do the things that I always thought I would need someone else to do for me.

Jodi M.

Courses and Wild Alchemy alumni

I'm deep in processing the images we made over the weekend, and totally immersed by the range of self that was expressed. As individuals and as a couple, they really bring their full and natural self to each moment.

Alison Love

Photographer and Retreat alumni

I LOVE myself more than ever… I LOVE the path I’m on… I LOVE Lola for being such an amazing, powerful, intuitive, loving, compassionate guide.

I am grateful for the transformation I am seeing take place…spiraling upward instead of looping endlessly without progress. I am grateful for all the tools I have been given. I was never meant to live a mundane life.

Briana S.

Mentorship and courses alumni

Ready to get messy and exponentially creative???

Join us today for this fun, powerful class full of rituals and herbal allies to help you create a more artful life!

"Lola’s Amplify Creativity Course raised my Gemstone Carving Skills to an Awesome Higher level!!! For the first time, I actually feel Talented !! ? Love You Lola (And You’re pretty cool too Tigre!)"

William Asdurian

Gemstone Carver

I was apparently meant to meet you. My life is better already…  I'm in the midst of a GIANT transformation and I just can't seem to get my head around it. And then by pure chance I stumbled across your website and thought to myself 'This will be fun' but... it is so so so much more.

Shannon H.

Wild Messenger client